PileBuck Names EK160 one of the Top 6 Foundation Drilling Rigs on the Market


June 8, 2018

Drilling holes in the ground. That’s the name of the game.

Knowledge of the various drilling methods–anchored earth retention, pile construction, drilled shaft foundations–etc. is paramount. Also, it is recommended that you have a sober operator behind your half million dollar piece of machinery.

But none of this matters without the proper equipment.

There’s plenty of job site issues that seem unavoidable–delays, change-orders, budget overruns, etc.–But we like to think you do have control over the choice of equipment you and your team made months, if not years, before you were even on this job.

What makes a great drilling rig? The size? Engine power? Torque? The ability to operate and maneuver in difficult conditions? Pile Buck believes a solid drilling rig encompasses all of these qualities (and more), but we’ve used these parameters to narrow down our favorite rigs on the market today.

Here are Pile Buck’s choices for the top foundation drilling rigs on the market today, in no particular order…


EK160 (CZM Foundation Equipment)

The EK160 is engineered in response to customer demands for a machine with the power of a larger model and the ease of greater mobility- it can be transported in one load.  It is available in standard and short masts and has transport weights of 100,000lbs/91,000lbs with the Kelly bar. Built on a CAT 330F base with an installed 242 horsepower, the EK160 delivers an impressive maximum effective torque force of 151,100lbs. It has all set up functions inside the cabin and it can be drilling minutes after unloading from the truck. It also has automatic operator assistance features, like mast auto level, return to center, high spin off, auto gear shifting for rotary and main winch, drill lock and telematics. This machine has excellent stability due to hydraulic extendable crawlers, additional counterweight and a mast manufactured in “Weldox” steel (light weight – high yield strength) and has a max drilling diameter of 11ft.

Technical Specs

Standard Chassis: CAT330F L (Tier IV)

Application: Kelly Bar

Installed Power: 242 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 134,300 lbf.ft

Main Winch Nominal Pull Line: 41,000 lbf

Crowd Force: 44,200 lbf

Maximum Depth: 120 ft

Maximum Diameter: 10 ft

Minimum Transport Weight: 91,000 lb

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