Kelly Bar

The EK250


Standard Chassis: CAT 340 Next Gen
Installed Power: 346hp 258 kW
Maximum Torque: 234,500 ft.lbs 31,800 kg.m
Maximum Diameter 13 ft 4,000 mm
Standard Drilling Depth: 157 ft 48,000 mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 200 ft 61,000 mm
Crowd Force: 73,326 lbf 33,000 kgf
Crowd Cylinder Stroke: 19 ft 8 in 6,000 mm
Main Winch Line Pull 58,700 lbf 26,500 kgf
Minimum Transport Weight 117,000 lb 53,200 kg
Operation Weight 190,000 lb 86,400 kg
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About the EK250

The EK250 is a cylinder crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT340. It is CZM’s most popular machine for drilling on very hard rock. The size and weight of the rotary and kelly bar allow a high effective crowd force. It is deal to handle large diameter, deep holes on hard rock. It can be supplied as a Standard or Short Mast configuration.
  • The new Cat 340 Next Gen powered by a fuel efficient Tier 4 Final C9.1 ACERT engine.
  • Equipped with CAT Vision Link that allows management to monitor machine operations and maintenance data online.
  • Caterpillar variable undercarriage VH5000/4300/800. Reinforced frame H style variable undercarriage.
  • Reinforced mast, with high resistance steel Weldox 700.
Main Winch:
  • Special groove for better cable winding and longer cable life.
  • Press-roller included.
  • 2 gears allows for both high speed and high pulling force.
  • Automatic gear shifting, for seamless operation, high production.
  • Automatic down the hole winch stop.
  • Free willing winch during crowd operation.
  • Hydraulic and mechanic brake.
  • Hydraulic measurement of pulling force displayed in the cabin.
  • Robust design, with 2 slewing bearings on top and bottom, robust pinion and main gear.
  • 2 groups of Hydraulic Motor / Planetary Gears for high torque and long life.
  • Anti-cavitation, anti-shock and cooling system for longer hydraulic motor life.
  • Power-shift for High spin-off speed (120rpm) for quick discharge of soil.
  • 3 operation speeds and 3 spinoff speeds. For high torque and high speeds.
  • Automatic gear shifting, for seamless operation, high production.
  • Exchangeable keys, bolted. No need to rebuild keys by welding inside the rotary.
  • Hydraulic measurement of torque displayed in the cabin for the operator.
  • AM/FM Radio, Air conditioning/Heating
  • ROPS cab & Top protection.
  • LCD monitor for Engine and Hydraulics computer, with diagnostic system.
  • CZM Canbus System for Drilling Monitoring with auto functions.

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