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This micropile drilling rig is set up for drilling micro piles with a long stroke. The EK90, has 50ft of rotary travel, making it a very productive machine in this configuration. Equipped with either a single or double rotary, with 18in or 24in clamps, radio remote it is very versatile and can also be converted to CFA and Jet Grouting. This machine is made with the highest quality and ultimately, the job site in mind. If you have any questions about our micropile drilling rig, or any other product we offer, please get in contact with us at 912.200.7654. We look forward to answering any question that may come across your mind and to helping you complete your project on the job site!

Standard Chassis: CAT 323 Next Gen  
Installed Power: 164 hp 122 kW
Maximum Diameter: 18 in 457 mm
Maximum Torque: 34,000 ft.lbs 4,700 kg.m
Operation Weight 72,500 lb 33,000 kg
Standard Chassis: Cummins B6.7  
Installed Power: 310 hp 231 kW
Std. Rotary Torque: 23,600 in 32,000 kN
Operation Weight 63,930 lb 28,750 kg

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