The LR125 serves applications such as sound bearing walls, transmission lines and utilities, drilling on a steep slopes, and difficult to reach holes. The LR125 will be offered on a CAT 336 Next Gen (or equivalent). The machine also has a special designed boom with 2 lift cylinders which allows for a higher torque and crowd force to be applied to the tool, which aligned with locking interlock Kelly bars makes it efficient on rock and hard soil drilling. Round Friction bars are also available for high production on softer soils.

The LR125 has a torque of 101,400 ft.lbs, max drilling speed of 25rpm’s and
spin-off of 120rpm’s, 41,270 lbs of effective main winch line pull, and 45,000
lbs of crowd force with an operating weight of 115,000 lbs.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT336 Next Gen

Application: Kelly Bar

Overall Height (Boom In): 40 ft 6 in

Overall Height (Boom Out): 27 ft 6 in

Installed Power: 314 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 101,400 lbf.ft

Maximum Depth: 55 ft

Maximum Diameter: 12 in

Transport Weight: 83,000 lb

Operation Weight:115,000 lb