Hydraulic Hammer

The EK250HH


Standard Chassis: Cat® 336 Next Gen  
Energy per Blow (max) 44,000 ft.lbs 58,800 Nm
Hammer Frequency (max): 85 blows/min 85 blows/min
Drop Height (max): 4 ft 1,200 mm
Piston Weight: 11,000 lb 5,000 kg
Hammer Total Weight: 15,000 lb 6,800 kg
Max Cap Diameter: 24 in 600 mm
Pile Length (max): 60 ft 18,300 mm
Minimum Transport Weight: 154,000 lb 70,000 kg
Standard Operation Weight: 170,000 lb 77,110 kg
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About the EK250HH

CZM’s EK250 model equipped with Hydraulic Hammers is one of the most innovative and cutting edge pieces of Foundation Equipment on the market.

CZM Hammers are mainly designed for the use on crawler applications, rather than the traditional crane mounted hammers.

The hammer has a much better rate between the piston weight and the total weight.

Another unique quality, is the use of 2 hydraulic cylinders, not connected to the piston. As a result, the cylinders obtain no impact reaction, giving the hammer more durability.

The transportation and set up of the EK250HH is much more efficient than the traditional crane mounted set up.

These machines include state of the art monitoring systems and also the most advanced hydraulic and electronic systems on the market. Using Caterpillar® Base Excavators, CZM offers unbeatable agility, low cost maintenance and operator friendly equipment.

Advantages of the CZM hydraulic hammer:
• High energy transfer efficiency.
• High driving frequency.
• Precise drop height.
• Work with any kind of bearing capacity.
• Quick, safe and easy transport/setup.
• Speed and versatility within the pile driving operation due to the 360-degrees of swing around the chassis.


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