CZM Introduces EK200USM to Fleet

June 14th, 2023 – SAVANNAH, GA – CZM Foundation Equipment recently introduced a new machine, the EK200USM, to their Ultra Short Mast lineup.

The EK200USM is mounted on a Caterpillar 340 Next gen base with extendable crawlers for 360-degree stability, has an operational weight of 135,000 lbs. and a minimum transport weight of 97,000lbs (without Kelly and counterweight). The EK200USM can be equipped with a self-erecting counterweight for easy set up and break-down. The operator can lift the counterweight from ground level and install it in place using the hydraulic cylinders installed in the back, eliminating the need for a crane or forklift to set up the machine at the jobsite. This also reduces the operation cost and boosts the contractors’ return on the investment.

This is the only machine of its class that allows contractors to drill under 20ft of overhead obstructions, up to a depth of 55ft at a diameter of 10ft. making it ideal for drilling under transmission lines, bridges, and tight overhead areas. With a torque of 193,360 ft.lbs, the EK200USM is very productive when drilling in harder soil conditions and rock. The main winch features a special groove for better cable winding and longer cable life. It also comes with 2 gears allowing for both high speed and high pulling force with a maximum pull force of 63,540 pounds. The robust design of the rotary allows for 2 groups of Hydraulic motors/planetary gears for higher torque and longer life. The rotary head also comes equipped with a high-speed spin off, enabling the operator to discharge soil quickly. Other highlights are the 3 operation speeds and 3 spinoff speeds for higher torque. The rotary also comes equipped with automatic gear shifting for seamless operation and has bolted in exchangeable keys, eliminating the need to rebuild the keys by welding on the inside of the rotary.

Like all CZM models, the EK200USM comes equipped with real time telematics, allowing CZM to monitor/adjust drilling parameters, perform some functions automatically, help with diagnostics, maintenance tracking, and remote login to troubleshoot and resolve issues. All CZM models come equipped with a host of next gen drilling features such as touch screen display, auto drill, auto mast level, auto crowd and return to center.

CZM USA is a specialized foundation equipment manufacturer headquartered in Savannah, GA.

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