The EM500 is CZM’s most compact CFA model, it is capable of drilling up to 52 ft. of single stroke depth and up to 24 in. diameter. It has a working torque of 35.000 lb.ft and a continuous stroke performed by chain giving it a working crowd of up to 44.000 lb while drilling. This feature allows more productivity and good penetration in hard layers of soil. EM500 is also equipped with a mast slide, that makes it possible the swing of 360 degrees, this is ideal for tight access job sites.

Designed to be transported in one load along with the tooling, this makes for a much quicker setup at the job site. The EM500 can be mounted on either CAT tier 4 base or John Deere tier 3, it also has an optional kit to operate as a micro pile application with a single stroke of 35 ft and double clamps to handle up to 18 in diameter casing.

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Technical Specifications

Base Machine: CAT 316F or John Deere 160

Installed Power: 117 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 36,165 lbf.ft 

Crowd Force: 44,100 lbf

Standard Depth: 52 ft 6 in

Maximum Diameter: 20 in

Transport Weight: 60,000 lb