At CZM we understand the importance of listening to our customers in order to keep producing innovative solutions and better products. We responded to market demands for increased power and reduced transport costs with the EK300 and EK300 Short Mast.

The EK300SM can work under a minimum working height of 30 feet at its tallest position, and still drill down to 60 feet with a five-element interlocking Kelly bar capable of handling full torque. With the mast boomed frontward and down, it is possible to work under as few as 25 feet overhead clearance, making it the shortest low clearance machine in the industry.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT 352 (Tier IV)

Application: Kelly Bar

Installed Power: 432 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 252,000 lbf.ft

Main Winch Nominal Line Pull: 71,000 lbf

Crowd Force: 82,650 lbf

Maximum Depth: 60 ft

Maximum Diameter: 180 in

Operation Weight: 199,900 lb

Minimum Transport Weight: 107,300 lb

Other Available Applications: Standard Mast Kelly Bar, Soil Mixing, Displacement Pile, CFA