Designed and engineered for high performance and versatility, CZM’s EK250SM is mounted on a CAT 336 Next Gen excavator base, and delivers maximum torque of 234,500 lbf.ft, a drilling depth of 72 feet, and 156 inches of drilling diameter.

With a working height of just 30 feet, this is the ideal high-power machine for low clearance/restricted height drilling projects.

The EK250SM is designed for use in a wide range of foundation drilling applications, including bridge foundations, transmission lines, high-rise commercial buildings, elevated highways, and more.

The robust design of the EK250SM rotary is a result of the largest inner passage diameter in its class, which allows this model to deliver higher drilling torque, the use of stronger Kelly bars, and longer lifetime of main components. The larger inner passage is a main feature of CZM’s unique, patented “Bottom Drive CFA” mechanism, and allows the rig the versatility of fast, easy and economic conversion for different applications such as Standard Kelly Bar to Low Clearance, CFA and also displacement piles.

The combination of hydraulic extended crawlers, centralized parallelogram, and a mast made of lightweight/high-yield strength “Weldox” steel, makes the EK250 SM a very stable and safe machine to operate.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT 336 Next Gen

Application: Kelly Bar

Installed Power: 314 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 234,500 lbf.ft

Main Winch Nominal Line Pull: 58,700 lbf

Crowd Force: 73,326 lbf

Maximum Depth: 72 ft 

Maximum Diameter: 156 in

Operation Weight: 172,000 lb

Minimum Transport Weight: 107,000 lb