EK90M Multipurpose

The EK90M from CZM is a multipurpose model designed to be a Multifunctional Drill Rig mounted on CAT 323 Next Gen excavator base.

This versatile machine works for applications of Micropile, Jet Grouting, Segmented Flight Auger, Interlocking Kelly Bar and Tiebacks. Its unique design allow for simple conversion between these applications. With no major hose changes necessary, these can be done in just a few hours.

For some applications the rig is equipped with a double tool feeder, one on each side of the main mast, to allow for drilling and extracting casings or augers without manhandling. These versions are also equipped with radio remote control to ensure a fast and safe operation. Operation can be executed either from the remote control, or the cabin.

The parallelogram, the mast vertical slide, and the rotary shift slide are exemplary features useful for a multiple process of drilling operations.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT 323 Next Gen

Micropile Application
Drilling Diameter: 18 inches
Maximum Torque: 34,000 ft.lbs
Feed/Extract Force: 44,300 lb

CFA Application
Max. Diameter: 24 inches
Max. Depth (20″ Diameter): 60 ft
Max. Depth (24″ Diameter): 45 ft

Jet Grouting Application
Single Stroke Depth: 80 ft
Maximum Rod Diameter: 5 inches

Segmented Flight Auger Application
Maximum Depth (Vertical): 65 ft
Maximum Depth (Horizontal – Tie-back): 52 ft
Maximum Torque: 5,000 ft.lbs

Kelly Application (Interlocking)
Maximum Depth (4 Element): 130 ft

Low head room version available