CZM’s EK250 CFA is mounted on a CAT 336E Next Gen base. The machine is a Bottom Drive CFA, which allows for deeper depths and higher torque.

The revolutionary patented system Bottom Drive CFA applies to the execution of continuous flight auger piles. The position of the rotary head at the foot of the drilling rig displaces the entire center of gravity of the equipment downwards, allowing a better use of the drill in reaching greater depths and drilling diameters. In this system, the drilling tool – auger – is part of the mechanism of torque transmission, so that notches are opened aligned along its full length. These notches fit the keyways connected to the rotary head which allow for the drilling when the auger is rotated. The Bottom Drive CFA equipment, when compared to those using the traditional system, has the advantage of being much lighter and more balanced, resulting in lower investment with superior performance. Other advantages are the use of friction pull-down for better penetration in hard soil and easy adaptation for the application of telescopic rod while executing excavated piles.

Advantages of the Bottom Drive System
  • Significant improvement of stability, providing greater security in the operation of CFA
  • Optimal ratio of drilling depth x equipment weight due to lower center of gravity, enabling lower transport weight and lower transportation costs.
  • Hydraulic pull-down on the rotary, centered to the drilling auger, improving the penetration in hard soils.
  • Highly effective drilling torques due to the robust drilling head.
  • Better efficiency of power due to the short length of hydraulic hoses that feed the drilling head, resulting in lower pressure loss.
  • Lighter drilling masts as a result of there being no need to resist high drilling torque at the top.
  • Higher Extraction force, resulting from the addition of push-up of the cylinder to the winch extraction force.


Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT 336 Next Gen

Application: CFA

Installed Power: 314 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 181,800 lbf.ft

Maximum Extraction Force: 115,800 lbf

Crowd Force: 60,460 lbf

Maximum Depth: 102 ft (with Auger + Extension)

Maximum Diameter: 32 in

Operation Weight: 180,000 lb

Minimum Transport Weight: 110,000 lb