EK200LS Cased CFA

The EK200LS Cased CFA from CZM features:

  • Double rotary head. Rotary A drives the auger clockwise. Rotary B drives the case counter clockwise
  • Dirt comes out os windows in casing coupling
  • In primary drilling a first row of continuous flight auger piles are made.
  • In secondary drilling a second row is made between the primary row with the casing shoe cutting 1-1/2 inches into each of the primary piles, secant to them.
  • Following, H-beams or cages are introduced in secondary piles.

System Advantages:

  • Very fast method. Similar to CFA and Auger Cast, the EK200LS Cased CFA typically produces 12-16 piles per day, or more
  • A guide formwork is made so that each pile is drilled in the exact spot, secant to one another
  • The perfect guidance and rigidity of the single piece casing allows for perfect verticality and excellent sealing
  • The 4-inch swivel and auger inner passage allows for the use of grouting or concrete

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Technical Specifications

Cased CFA Secant Pile Application
(Front of the Wall with Double Rotary)

Standard Chassis: CAT 336E Next Gen

Drilling Depth: 60 ft

Drilling Diameter: 28 inches

Maximum Torque (Casing Rotary): 101,400 ft.lbs

Maximum Torque (Auger Rotary): 87,820 ft.lbs

Rotary: Eurodrill 6002