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The EK300LS

The EK300LS is a full cable crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT352. The long stroke of the rotary makes it ideal for:

  • Cased kelly bar drilling with segmented (European style) casing, specially for Secant walls.
  • Large Diameter CFA.
  • Displacement piles Cased CFA with a double rotary for Secant walls.
  • Large diameter single column
  • Soil Mixing
About The EK300LS

Technical Specifications

Standard Chassis: CAT 352 Tier IV

Application: Kelly Bar

Installed Power: 432 hp

Maximum Nominal Torque: 252,000 lbf.ft

Main Winch Nominal Line Pull: 71,000 lbf

Crowd Force: 83,725 lbf

Standard Drilling Depth: 160 ft

Maximum Depth: 250 ft

Maximum Diameter: 180 in

Standard Rotary Stroke: 61 ft

Operation Weight: 230,000 lb

Minimum Transport Weight: 140,000 lb



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