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What we offer

High quality equipment

CZM offers high-quality foundation drilling and pile driving equipment, made with pride in the USA.

After-sales service

CZM offers superior after-sales service, along with maintenance, commissioning, parts, tools, accessories and more.

See how it's done

Click here to see a time lapse build of our high performance drilling rig, the EK200, at our Savannah, GA, factory.

Our Equipment

  • EK200HP

    Meet the all new EK200HP

  • EK160

    Easy Standard-To-Short Mast Conversion

  • EK125

    Fastest, easiest setup

  • EK125SM

    Low clearance. High torque.

  • EK65SM

    Maximum Power. Minimum Height.

  • TK100

    Well balanced. Highly mobile.

  • EK300

    Our largest, most powerful model

  • EK90M Multipurpose

    Multipurpose. Multifunctional.

  • EK300SM

  • EK65

    Reliable. Versatile. Compact.